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Services Offered


The clinic services are:-


  1. General Outpatient Clinic services, 24 hours at Blantyre Clinic.
  2. Admissions in ward (currently Blantyre Clinic)
  3. Full Dental Clinic services.
  4. Full 3D Colour ultrasound scan services
  5. Electrocardiogram (ECG) services
  6. Under 5 Clinic Services, with free full immunization programme.
  7. Antenatal Care (ANC) services – first and second semester care with transfer to a delivery facility.
  8. Full Antiretroviral (ART) Clinic services.
  9. Minor surgeries – e.g. adult circumcisions, excision biopsies and I & Ds
  10. Specialised Orthopaedic clinic services (includes POPs)
  11. Cancer screening services (cervical cancer, through PAP smear and cytology and prostate cancer).
  12. General Physiotherapy services with additional specialist expertise in chest physiotherapy.
  13. General Laboratory services covering tests not currently available in Malawi, through Lancet Laboratories.
  14. Pathology (cytology and histology) services for diagnoses of cancer and other diseases.
  15. Paternity tests and other DNA tests, through our partnership with Lancet Laboratories South Africa.
  16. Standard Medical Examinations (for employment, school reports, insurance claims etc)
  17. Medical compensation claims and second opinion to medical compensation claims.
  18. Home visits, operating as a mobile clinic. This includes ‘phone in’ services for advice or actual service.


New clients are welcome